Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Ripper Rugby recount

Ripper Rugby is kind of like rugby but there is no contact with the other players. The sport includes a belt, 2 tags and a ball.The 2 teams need to rip off the other player’s tag to get them out.

Room 7 had the privilege to play Ripper rugby. Our coach was from varsity and his name was Matt. We had a quick warm up game which was ball tag. After we finished our warm up game we had to line up in four even groups. We had to pass the ball down the line until we reached the end. We passed the ball down the line a couple more times then we played a long game of ripper Bull Rush.

They started calling names and colours we had on like our shoe colour. I was able to run down the field a couple of times until I was tagged.So we were running after the other people that was still in the game.

In the end we were all so tired and covered with grass, rushing down from the field to the water fountain.

Friday, 4 March 2016