Thursday, 19 May 2016

Netball section

Netball is a non contact sport, there is no stepping and to defend its 3 feet from the player. You are given a partner to stay with, to either defend or attack.

Today room 7 student got the opportunity to go and learn new games skills and have a game at the end. We first started by finding a partner and go on the opposite side of them. Then we were all set up the couch either said high or low. If it was high we would run to the middle, high five our partner then pivot. When it was low we would do a low five and jump turn.

After that we played a game of rugby netball, we started by getting into teams, the non beb team and the beb team. We got into our line up and started to pass the ball down to the goal. The beb team won by 3 points. I really enjoyed the netball section.


Danni Stone said...

Hi Maara, I enjoyed reading your description of our netball activities. What is the most interesting thing that you have learnt over the past weeks?

Mrs Tofa said...

I love your introduction about the game of netball. When was netball first played and where? Was netball played before basketball?

Mere said...

Hi Maara,

I really enjoyed reading you introduction about thee game of netball. You have worked collaboratively to get this type of description done Do you love playing netball? Keep up the great work Maara!

From Mere (PBS)

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