Friday, 5 December 2014

Never land

Never land
The dry ground crunched under Jesse’s foot. He glanced to the left as he.....cried for help as he was stuck in a muddy drain. Suddenly Snow White appeared from nowhere pulling him out. As soon as he saw her beautiful face, he recognized her, it was his long lost sister.She convinced him to travel with her to Never land where captain hook, evil queen and the dark one was. Captain hook was helping snow whites daughter find her son. Same as the evil queen and the dark one. Snow White explained to Jesse that they need help capturing Peter Pan. Peter Pan sends his shadow to steal kids who believe in him. So Jesse went on top of a building with Snow White, together they said’’I believe’’. There was a moment of awkwardness on the building as there was something black was approaching us, it was Pans shadow. It grabbed our wrist and flew to the amazing Never land.
While they searched for others, Pan hid the little boy in the secret cave, its called the secret cave because to make bridge to save the little boy they had to tell a secret that they would never tell anyone. Finally they ran into each other and found the secret cave, they each told their terrifying secrets that shocked everyone. They built the bridge and rescued little boy and they also defeated Pan. They traveled back to New York

And they lived happily ever after.