Thursday, 13 October 2016

Kiwi can lesson

Today was our first kiwi can lesson for the last term of the year, we started off with our energiser which was a game called core values. There was 4 cones we all had to run to 1 of the core values without getting tagged. We had 2 rounds then we head back to kiwi can.

We had a talk about what is values in your life and school, then we got into our activity which was called value roll plays, my group got courage. at the end we had a round of GKQ. 

Most of the question was about Sir admen Hilary and it was pretty funny, This week we didn't get to do the point but it was still fun.  


Danni Stone said...

Hi Maara,
I'm glad you found the session fun. What learning did you take away from this lesson that you could apply in your life?

Newsam P said...

Hey Maara, I loved how you explained what room 7 have done in KiwiCan. I loved how you put interesting words on your writng and how you used your paragraphs. You have done a good work Maara.

Well done Maara! Keep up the good work!

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