Friday, 12 August 2016


It's pretty weird today we didn't have any tech but it's still really fun cause Mrs Tofa took us out for a long P.E lesson. We were all confused with what teams to go in so Mrs Tofa put use in our house groups then we went on from there.

The team I was in went around the word 3 times it was awesome I really enjoyed our lesson not just cause it was volley but cause it was long, I really liked the lesson and I hope we do it again.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Kiwi Can

Right after Morning tea we had Kiwi can, Once again we jumped into four lines and Mr Afutoto Started talking to us about what do we want to be, which is called a long term goal. We got into small groups of three or four then we started talking about something we are going to do.

After that we got into our energiser which was call limbo, the challenge was to get as many people as you can cross the limbo stick. My groups best was Four I think.

We finally ended with a quick round of GKQ. Witch is a Question game and we went five by five. I enjoyed kiwi can and it was really fun

Volleyball lesson

Today we had a really cool volleyball lesson with coach Toni, We started off with partners then we moved on with our serving then toss and server it was awesome. Before we finished up with the skills we were given a challenge to see who can have the most serves and catching it, Coach Toni said first to 20 wins. Levi and Alfred won. When we finished with that we jumped into a line and coach Toni numbered us off.

When we finally found our teams we seat off into our games, The first group my group and I versed was team 5 then we moved on to team 1 and 3. The games ended there cause the next class was already there. We said thank to Coach Toni and left.

My thoughts on the lesson was it was even more better then the last cause we listened more and played more games of volley.  

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Auckland live

The students from room 7 and 9 were chosen to take part in the activity called Auckland live at the town hall, We were accompanied by 3 different school. Each school was given a number, Room 7 got number 2. All the schools were greeted by one of the implores. 2 of the schools were sent to different sessions well we stayed in the hall with a school.

As we were sitting in the hall 4 performers put on a show that make the crowd laugh, after we finished in the hall it was already lunch time, So we got our lunch and went out because it was a fine day. When we were done with lunch we went back to the hall were the asher showed us to our next session.

Next we went to the out ea centre. they started off by introducing them self, They did a play about 2 birds trying to find there way to Alaska, as they were trying to figurer it out a kangaroo came around, he was in trouble to 

Cook island week