Monday, 8 May 2017

Netball session

This morning room 7 students got a new student teacher, her name is Miss Ogram. We did our quick streches, then got into a semi circles to split into our teams.

Before we jumped into our game Mrs Tofa explain the ground rules really quick, after that the game started. The first position I played was GD. The game was pretty quick, say about 5 or 7 minutes But it was really fun. When it was time for use to swap, we layed out our bibs so the next players can put it on fast.

Me and Luisa eneded up playing again but diffrent positions, the next position I played was WD. I didn't really know the score but it was a close game. We moved to the Nteball warm up with Miss Ogram which was pretty fun. Then we went back to the court and play another day.

It was another good game but it was really fun, when we finished it we were all really tried. I enjoyed the P.E lesson today.

Monday, May 8 2017


Fiapo said...

Hi Maara ,
I really like how you explain what you all did ,
I think that from what you said that it sounded really fun ,
Maybe next time you should check your work and reread it to see if it makes sense , to check your grammar and to use capital and lower case letters in the right place.
Good work.

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